Payments Strategy
Transaction Advisory
TSG Metrics
Consumer Spend Division

Payments Strategy

Payments Strategy encompasses the full spectrum of advisory services within the Payments Industry. The depth of these services is built on deep industry knowledge - the Partners and Associates of the firm have an average of over 20 years of industry experience. With clients from card issuers to merchant acquirers, TSG has the experience and expertise to provide real-time strategies.

  • Aggregation
  • Contract Renegotiation / RFP Process
  • Payments Management Consulting
  • Merchant Advisory
  • Merchant Attrition & Retention

Transaction Advisory

Whether buying or selling, seeking investment funding, or planning your company’s exit strategy, TSG’s experience can be critical to achieving success. TSG has completed business assessments for more than 150 payments companies with values up to $2 Billion in addition to advising on over 20 successfully completed transactions over the past nine years.

  • Buy-side Advisory
  • Sell-side Advisory
  • Funding Events
  • Strategic Decision Process

TSG Metrics

TSG Metrics, the strategic research and analysis division of TSG, provides the Payments Industry with highly focused research and industry-wide studies. TSG Metrics takes data, boils it down to information, transforms it to knowledge and presents it to provide wisdom to its client partners.

  • Industry Studies
  • Ad-hoc Research
  • TSG eReports Subscription
  • Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM)

Consumer Spend Division

TSG understands consumer spend trends and the macro-economic landscape. TSG’s Consumer Spend Division (CSD) has a wealth of unique data that can provide extraordinary insight into consumer spending patterns at major merchant categories through our spend database that spans 2.3 million U.S. merchants.

  • Unique and accurate consumer spending data
  • Deep Insights via customized multi-dimensional data cuts
  • U.S. SMB retail spending report

What Our Partners Are Saying

TSG is very much in touch with the needs and wants of the Merchant Acquiring industry. They have done a terrific job of packaging a series of in-depth and insightful reports that our Leadership Team has found very useful in both managing our business and making strategic decisions.  TSG’s research, knowledge and expertise has been very valuable to TSYS.

Susan Sheen

Group Executive, Chief Marketing Officer TSYS Merchant Segment